Fuck-me shoes and a little black dress and not much else; a handbag to hold lip gloss and a condom and she takes one last look in the mirror and slips out the door to…


Smoke and noise. The steady thump of bass and the babble of unintelligible conversations layer one over the other but that’s okay. That’s perfect. She doesn’t need words; a look and a smile and then…


Hurried, frantic whispers in a dark corner, sibilant murmurs that blend together into a wordless hiss. She closes her eyes against the darkness but it doesn’t leave. She pushes it aside and concentrates until the heat explodes at her center and radiates outward.  Light overwhelms dark for an instant and then….


The click of her heels echoes in the empty street, her step faltering and hesitant. She slips back into the silent house, closing the door gently behind her, the memory of her moonlight trek still warm, her heart still pounding, her face still flushed. She takes a deep breath and composes herself.

She starts up the stairs, stripping off the dress as she goes.

Tomorrow she’ll wonder once more; tonight, she knows.


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